Turnkey Electrical Project


Lohr India Pvt. Ltd.

Project Category

Trailer Manufacturers

Project Budget

90 Lacs

Project Description

Hv & Lv Installation Work

HT & LV Installation Job

HT INSTALLATION WORK COMPRISING OF MAX. DEMAND & CONTRACT DEMAND CALCULATIONS, SIZING OF TRANSFORMER, PREPARING OF LAYOUT,PLAN OF 500KVA TRANSFORMER SUBSTATION, OBTAINING STATUTORY APPROVALS. Transformer substation comprising of Huphen make Compact Metering Kiosk, Double Pole structure, 500kVA 22kV/0.433kV, Transformer, Laying of 22kV, 95sqmm XLPE cable, end terminations, Earthing stations confirming to IS-3043 & providing earthing to all equipment etc.LT INSTALLATION WORK COMPRISING OF PREPARATION OF COMPREHENSIVE Power Distribution Scheme comprising of Single Line Diagram(SLD), Cable Schedule, Earthing Schedule, Electrical Equipment Layout, GA Drawings etc., Sizing of DG Sets. Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Power Control Centre (PCC), Power Distribution Boards, Lighting Distribution Boards, Real Time Power Factor Correction Panel, Plug Socket Boxes. Fabrication of supports, Fixing of GI perforated Cable Trays, Laying of GI earthing flats, Laying of LT cables & End terminations. Internal & External Illumination.Earthing Stations Confirming to IS-3043 & Providing Earthing to all Equipment.


Project Status : Completed on Jun 12, 2016