We manufacture MV Pa

MV Panel Manufacturer from Pune.

We manufacture MV Panels which are Designed, Manufactured & Successfully Type tested for Short Circuit withstand test current for 3Seconds instead of 1Second. Since LV side breakers are type tested for 1Second the Short Circuit withstand capacity of HV side breaker should be greater than that of LV side. Bushings for Incomer & Outgoing Terminals. Internal Arc Type Tested Vacuum Circuit Breaker which provides SAFETY to the humans around. Built In Trolley for ease of Draw Out. True Door Interlock system which provides enhanced SAFETY. Built In Explosion Vent which provides safety to humans working around in the unlikely event of a fault. Built In Heavy Safety Grill on side partitions. Integrated by “GVL” having over three decades of experience in the field of Electricity. 24 x 7 Service support of “GVL” the name synonymous with Electricity, Integrity & Dependability.

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